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Hepatitis Treatment Herbs, Hepatitis A, B, C, Liver Cancer Malaysia, KL Kuala Lumpur

Hepatitis (Liver inflammation, Enlargement)

Reviewed by World Reknown Chinese Master in Kuala Lumpur KL, World First Class consultant physician in infectious diseases and acupuncture and herbal medicine specialise in curing Hepatitis Liver problems.

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is the Latin word for liver inflammation. It is characterized by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue. Diseases that primarily attack the liver cells can cause hepatitis. It can also arise as a result of a disease such as mononucleosis. Hepatitis can be divided into two subgroups according to its duration:

acute hepatitis - lasting less than six months
chronic hepatitis - lasting longer than six months.

Curable but have to take the herbs as soon as possible and then we will give you all the advise for the food and do's and don't-s.

Has one Chinese Master in KL have been receiving gifts from patients that should have been gone but still be a life from his treatment.

What can cause acute hepatitis?

Acute hepatitis has a number of possible causes.
Infectious viral hepatitis such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E.
Other viral diseases such as:

mononucleosis and cytomegalovirus.
Severe bacterial infections.
Amoebic infections.
Medicines, eg paracetamol poisoning and halothane (an anesthetic).
Toxins: alcohol and fungal toxins, eg toadstool poisoning.

Causes of chronic hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis also has a number of different causes.
Contagious viral hepatitis such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatitis D.
Toxins such as alcohol.

Autoimmune hepatitis. This is a disease in which a number of liver cells are destroyed by the patient's own immune system. Autoimmune hepatitis can also sometimes occur as acute hepatitis. The cause is unknown.

Inborn metabolic disorders, such as Wilson's disease (disorder of the body's copper metabolism) and haemochromatosis (disorder of the body's iron metabolism).

How you get hepatitis?

People can develop hepatitis if they contract one of the viruses that can cause liver inflammation, or as a result of exposure to substances that can cause hepatitis - alcohol, fungal toxins and certain medicines. There are two ways in which medicines can lead to hepatitis: it can either occur as a result of medicine poisoning through overdoses of a medicine (eg paracetamol), or it can occur as a result of an abnormal reaction of the liver to a normal dose (eg halothane, the anaesthetic). The latter type of hepatitis is rare.

The symptoms of hepatitis

Acute hepatitis

The symptoms of acute hepatitis very considerably from person to person. Some patients have no symptoms at all, and in most cases, children only show mild symptoms.

In the early stages:

Tiredness, general malaise, slight fever
Nausea, poor appetite, changes in taste perception
Pressure or pain below the right ribs caused by an enlarged liver
Aching muscles and joints, headache, skin rash.
The jaundice phase:
Yellowing of sclera (the white portions of the eyes), skin and mucous membranes
Dark urine
Light-colored stools
Around this time, the other symptoms subside.
The recovery phase:
Tiredness that can last for weeks.

Chronic hepatitis

Many patients have no symptoms.
Tiredness, an increased need for sleep, aching muscles and joints.
Periodic light pressure or pain below the right ribs - liver enlargement.
Jaundice is a very late symptom of chronic hepatitis. It is a sign that the disease has become serious.

The risk of hepatitis?

Patients with jaundice or other symptoms of hepatitis.
People who are very likely to have contracted the hepatitis B or the hepatitis C virus.
People who are at increased risk due to a hereditary type of hepatitis in their families.

The prevention of hepatitis

By avoiding exposure to the infectious hepatitis viruses.
By taking enough rest or sleep.
By refraining from drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Do's Avoid drinking alcohol if you have symptoms of hepatitis or if a blood sample has shown that the disease is active. If alcoholism is the cause, you must stop drinking completely and see your doctor. Eat a well-balanced diet. If you have symptoms of acute hepatitis, you may need to slow down. However, if you feel fine, there is no reason why you should not go to work and keep up your other activities.

If you have chronic hepatitis, try to lead a normal life as far as possible.

People with hepatitis B must inform their family and their sexual partners about it. They will need to protect themselves by being vaccinated against it. Condoms should be used until the vaccine has begun to work. If you have hepatitis A, you must inform your family, so that they can protect themselves against it by practicing good hygiene and having injections of gamma globulin (normal immunoglobulin).

If you have chronic hepatitis, you should check immediately or come to visit our medical centre.

How is hepatitis diagnosed?

Hepatitis - The diagnosis is confirmed by blood samples, and, in some cases, by a tissue sample from the liver (biopsy). Some of the blood samples are used for establishing the cause of the disease and excluding other known causes.
Other blood samples will reveal the degree of activity of the inflammation at the time when the samples are taken.

In cases of chronic hepatitis, the extent of the damage to the liver can only be established via a tissue sample from the liver.

Future prospects

Acute infectious viral hepatitis usually improves on its own. Less than 1 in 300 patients develop liver failure and risk dying. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C can become chronic. Hepatitis A never does.

Hepatitis caused by mononucleosis always improves on its own.
Acute hepatitis caused by medicines or alcohol usually improves once the liver is no longer exposed to these substances.
About one fifth of the patients with chronic hepatitis B and C are at risk of developing cirrhosis or cancer of the liver.
Other types of chronic hepatitis can also cause cirrhosis.

Treatment for hepatitis.

No modern medical treatment is available for acute viral hepatitis today but we have the cure with acupuncture and our special herbal medicine.

We have shown many recovery and cure for all types of liver complications, many of which have high blood or low blood pressure. Bed ridden cases from this problem also can be cure. Liver enlargement and cirrhosis also can be cure in 3 to 6 months of our intensive treatment. The Chinese Old saying "do not spoil Liver" that means it will take a longer time to recover from others organs.

These is not the end of it, we have to strengthen the liver after the virus is gone, so that it should not come back again.

We have all the recuperating process and then rebuild the Liver conditions.

What is adult primary liver cancer?

What is the Cancer?

Adult primary liver cancer is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells start to grow in the tissues of the liver. The liver is one of the largest organs in the body, filling the upper right side of the abdomen and protected by the rib cage. The liver has many functions. It has an important role in making food into energy and also filters and stores blood.

People who have hepatitis B or C (viral infections of the liver) or a disease of the liver called cirrhosis are more likely than other people to get adult primary liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is different from cancer that has spread from another place in the body to the liver.

A doctor should be seen if the following symptoms appear: a hard lump just below the rib cage on the right side where the liver has swollen, discomfort in the upper abdomen on the right side, pain around the right shoulder blade, or yellowing of the skin (jaundice).

If there are symptoms, a doctor may order special x-rays, such as a computed tomographic scan or a liver scan. If a lump is seen on an x-ray, a doctor may use a needle inserted into the abdomen to remove a small amount of tissue from the liver. This procedure is called a needle biopsy, and a doctor usually will use an x-ray for guidance. The doctor will have the tissue looked at under a microscope to see if there are any cancer cells. Before the test, a patient will be given a local anesthetic (a drug that causes loss of feeling for a short period of time) in the area so that no pain is felt.

A doctor may also want to look at the liver with an instrument called a laparoscope’s, which is a small tube-shaped instrument with a light on the end. For this test, a small cut is made in the abdomen so that the laparoscope’s can be inserted. The doctor may also take a small piece of tissue (biopsy specimen) during the laparoscopes and look at it under the microscope to see if there are any cancer cells. An anesthetic will be given so no pain is felt.

A doctor may also order an examination called an angiography’s. During this examination, a tube (catheter) is inserted into the main blood vessel that takes blood to the liver. Dye is then injected through the tube so that the blood vessels in the liver can be seen on an x-ray. Angiography’s can help a doctor tell whether the cancer is primary liver cancer or cancer that has spread from another part of the body. This test is usually done in the hospital.

Certain blood tests (such as alpha-fetoprotein, or AFP) may also help a doctor diagnose primary liver cancer.

The chance of recovery (prognosis) depend on the stage of the cancer (whether it is just in the liver or has spread to other places) and the patient's general state of health. In Kuala Lumpur KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Centre is usually very effective treatment for Liver cancer from stage 1 to the beginning of stage 4.It may take 4 weeks to 4 months to remove all the cancer cells if the others organ is still strong.

Stages of adult primary liver cancer :

Once adult primary liver cancer is found, more tests will be done to find out if the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body (staging). The following stages are used for adult primary liver cancer:

Localized respectable:

Localized unrespectable: advisable

Cancer is found only in one part of the liver, but the cancer cannot be totally removed.


Cancer has spread through much of the liver or to other parts of the body, name secondary cancer.


Recurrent disease means that the cancer has come back (recurred) after it has been operated. It may come back in the liver or in another part of the body.

Treatment by stage

Treatments for adult primary liver cancer depend on the stage of the disease the condition of the liver, and the patient's age and general health. Standard treatment may be considered, based on its effectiveness in patients in past studies, or participation into a clinical trial. Many patients are not cured with standard therapy, and some standard treatments may have more side effects than are desired. For these reasons, clinical trials are designed to find better ways to treat cancer patients and are based on the most up-to-date information.

Advanced Adult Primary Liver Cancer

Treatment of advanced adult primary liver cancer depends on what treatment a patient has already received, the part of the body where the cancer has come back, whether the liver has cirrhosis, and other factors.

Recurrent Adult Primary Liver Cancer

Treatment of recurrent adult primary liver cancer depends on what treatment a patient has already received, the part of the body where the cancer has come back, whether the liver has cirrhosis, and other factors. Conclusion our rates of treating liver cancer have reached a remarkable lever until not many western universities can belief.


Hepatocirrhosis (HC) is a chronic disease which affects the entire body. Its pathological features include degeneration, necrosis and regeneration of the hepatic cells; proliferation of hepatic fibrous tissue, and disturbance of the normal hepatic structure which lead to deformation and cirrhosis of the liver. Than the term HEPATOCIRRHOSIS is form. T

This could be cure usually before the patient gets into coma. Usually it takes about 3 weeks to 6 months to cure.

~ Find out the Type of Cancer here ~

TRUE STORY of Liver Cancer Cure in KL Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Centre

Name : Ng G.E.
Age : 55
Sex : Female.
4th Stage rectum, liver and lymphatic Cancer.

Problem :

She complains that she has a very painful feeling at her left buttock, stomach and left leg. She cannot even stand up with the pain. She has been taking many painkillers and that did not help at all. Then her daughter brings her for a medical check up at private hospital. On May 6, 2003 the report was out and her daughter was surprised that her mother has rectum cancer. All of her families were shocked and surprised that their mother has rectum cancer. They were advice to go for an operation. They decided to go for the operation and during the operation the doctor saw that there were the present of the cancer cells in many parts of her Liver and that the lymphatic system has the cancer cells as well.

The result says that Mrs. Ng's has been advised radiotherapy and chemotherapy. That's mean her mother was in 4th or final stage spreading to her liver and lymphatic system.

Mrs. Ng still didn't know what disease she suffering and she don't know much about the results. She cannot read and speak in English that's why she cannot read the reports. Her children's especially her daughter doesn't want to make her mother feeling up set and worry with her life and they told her that she has a normal disease and nothing to worry about. Actually she didn't know that she has been suffering 4th stage rectum cancer. Only her families know her condition now and before. They told her mother not to much worry on her disease. Just continue her normal life and have to get treatment for strengthen her body. At the same time, her families try to find other alternative to make their mother cancer cure.

Her families not have enough money to spend on their mother medical expenses but they really want her to get cure and try to find other alternative to support her.

All of her children were worried with her condition. They desperately want to find and get treatment for their mother from Chinese Master Acupuncturist. If they delay her for treatment, she will die because now she is in 4th stage of cancer. Her daughter cannot wait and just see what will happen to her mother whole life. All of her friends and relatives give supports and encouragement to her. She knows that they really concern to her mother.

Her daughter remember that Chinese Master Acupuncturist in KL has cured her auntie from liver hardening three years ago she was yellow and cannot even stand or talk properly, and cured her uncle's from ganger in his leg ( need to be chop off) from diabetes and also heart vessel's blockages. She then calls up her uncle for Master's information and then came for the treatment with Chinese Master Acupuncturist.

After discuss with her mother and other siblings, they all agreed to send her for Chinese Master Acupuncturist's treatment. Mrs. Ng's daughter very excited to hear that and she really wanted to get. She really hope that her mother cancer will cured and totally out from her body.

Mrs. Ng's daughter call Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Centre in KL (Kuala Lumpure) to fix an appointment to meet Chinese Master Acupuncturist. On May 9, 2003 her daughter brings her KL Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Centre. Mrs. Ng's daughter brings her mother medical reports along with them. When her daughter meets Chinese Master Acupuncturist. she gives all the medical reports regarding her motherís health and condition. At the same time she asks Chinese Master Acupuncturist to keep it secret because she don't want to make her mother up set. Chinese Master Acupuncturist understands with Mrs. Ng's daughter situation and just discuss with her without saying the seriousness of the diseases that's Mrs. Ng suffering.

Chinese Master give her advise on her condition and what kinds of food should she avoid and what to take everyday. Master says that she need to take a MRI scan after 6 weeks of intensive treatment and if the cancer cells reduce in her lymphatic and liver area, means she can go without the chemotherapy. Then she has to do 30 minutes of 8 needles Body Acupuncture Treatment and she advise to take 2 packets of herbal medicine per day.

She has to do Brain, body and leg acupuncture to eliminate the cancer from origin besides strengthen her body's immune system and keep the energy in her body balance. The herbal medicine that she takes for rectum, liver and lymphatic cancer wills them from her body. After done the first time acupuncture she feels more relaxing and her leg much better, she could walk without pain.

After finish 30 minutes of acupuncture, Mrs. Ng says that she very surprised with the treatment and she really hope that Chinese Traditional treatment will help to cure her disease. Her daughter much satisfied after heard that her mother very happy with the treatment. She really hope that Chinese Master's way will help her mother a lot compare to western.

For the second time acupuncture, she becomes better compare to yesterday treatment but her cancer is not cure yet. She still has to continue doing acupuncture treatment and taking herbal medicine. After 10 times acupuncture, Chinese Master says that her mother condition almost 80% cured but she has to continue for a several time for a success results. Chinese Master has advised her to bring her mother for further MRI scan and medical check up if she wants to know the latest reports and condition.

After 12 times her mother doing acupuncture treatment, she discuss with her family about Chinese Master advice. They decided to follow Chinese Master advice and bring her mother for medical check up and scan. Meanwhile all of her family needs to know their mother condition after 12 times doing acupuncture. On June 6, 2003 the Radiology Report was out and Mrs. Ng's daughter brings her along to take the Radiology Report. Her daughter was so surprised also shocked with the result and cannot believe it. That's been amazing and it happens on her family. She decided to discuss with Chinese Master and she bring the reports along with her. The results say that no cancer is seen on Mrs. Ng rectum, liver lymphatic system, abdomen and pelvis. Chinese Master also very happy with Mrs. Ng results. Chinese Master Acupuncturist says that Mrs. Ng is in 4th stage and she only done 14 session of acupuncture.

That's been the fastest action in curing cancer patients from 4th stage. Normally to treat cancer is really take some time and for Mrs. Ng case is a miracle record time. Now Mrs. Ng totally cures from cancer and until now she didn't know that she has had rectum cancer. She just knows that she has a normal pain at her buttock, abdomen and leg.

Finally her daughter found the miracle in Chinese Master Acupuncturist, A World First Class Physician, Master traditional doctors and physician. All of her families were very happy on what has Chinese Master Acupuncturist done and their mother still has a hope to continue her life without scared of cancer. Their mother life was totally changed after met Chinese Master Acupuncturist. Her families, relatives and friends were happy with her improvement and condition right now. Even some of them didn't know that she has rectum cancer.

One of Mrs. Ng relative (brother-in law) advice her daughter to bring her mother to KL Acupuncture Herbal Centre and get treatment from Chinese Master. Mr. L also gets Neuro Acupuncture Treatment from Master for his diabetes disease. Now he totally cured. His son brings him directly from hospital to get treatment from Chinese Master Acupuncturist. He also on critical condition and doctor wants to chop his leg because of his diabetes. He doesn't want to chop his legs and want to find others traditional alternative for his diabetic.

What is the difference in hepatitis A, B, and C?

Hepatitis A is transmitted via the feco-oral route and usually resolves. It is caused by the Hepatitis A virus. Hepatitis B virus causes Hepatitis B. It is a serious infection that can lead to chronic infection of the liver leading to cirrhosis and end stage liver disease and in some cases cancer of liver. It is usually transmitted via sexual contact. Hepatitis C is caused by the Hepatitis C virus and is transmitted by the blood -borne route. It can also cause cirrhosis of the liver and cancer of the liver over a period of time.

If you are pregnant, should you worry about hepatitis B?

If you have HBV in your blood, you can give hepatitis B to your baby. Babies who get HBV at birth may have the virus for the rest of their lives, can spread the disease, and can get cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.

All pregnant women should be tested for HBV early in their pregnancy. If the blood test is positive, the baby should receive vaccine along with another shot, hepatitis B immune globulin (called HBIG), at birth. The second dose of vaccine should be given at 1-2 months of age and the third dose at 6 months of age. But the latest study found that newborn boys more than tripled their risk of developing autism after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine.


Possible Complications

Most patients with mild to severe acute hepatitis begin to feel better in 2 to 3 weeks and recover completely within 4 to 8 weeks. People with acute HBV infection who develop an HCV infection at the same time may be at particular risk for developing severe, life-threatening acute hepatitis.

Many chronic carriers remain symptom free or develop only a mild condition, chronic persistent hepatitis. However, a small percentage goes on to develop the most serious complications of viral hepatitis: cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, and immune system disorders. Chronic carriers of HBV who become infected with HDV may develop severe acute hepatitis. They also have a high risk of becoming carriers of HDV.


  • Avoid sharing items that could infect others, such as razors or toothbrushes.
  • Protect sex partners from exposure to their semen, vaginal fluids, or blood. Properly used condoms may be effective in preventing sexual transmission.

There are several vaccines available to prevent hepatitis B. People at high risk of infection should consider vaccination: male homosexuals and heterosexuals with multiple partners, people who receive hem dialysis or blood products, household and sexual contacts of HBV carriers, and users of intravenous street drugs who share needles. Regulations now require health care and laboratory workers who handle blood and other body fluids to be vaccinated. People who have come into direct contact with the blood or body fluids of an HBV carrier may receive one or more injections of hepatitis B immune globulin, sometimes in combination with hepatitis B vaccine. Immune globulin offers temporary protection, while the vaccine provides a longer-lasting immunity.

In an effort to eliminate chronic carriers, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends that all newborn babies be vaccinated. Other groups have recommended that pregnant women be screened for HBsAg as part of their routine prenatal care. If they are infected, their babies can be given hepatitis B immune globulin as well as vaccine immediately after birth.

No vaccines yet exist for HCV or HDV; however, HBV vaccine will prevent delta hepatitis as well.

The most effective means of preventing viral hepatitis is to avoid contact with the blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions of infected individuals. People who have acute or chronic viral hepatitis should:


NIAID supported scientists are attacking hepatitis infection from several fronts. Work is under way to evaluate the potential of antiviral drugs to treat people already infected with HBV, HCV, and HDV. Vaccines and drugs are being tested in the woodchuck, an animal that develops a disease similar to HBV infection in humans. This animal also can be a chronic carrier of HDV, making it a valuable model for studying these viruses and helping scientists understand hepatitis infection.

In addition to testing their effectiveness, scientists are studying how to make antiviral drugs less toxic and how to deliver them to their appropriate targets in the body.

By studying the immune response to hepatitis viruses, scientists hope to identify the precise mechanisms that lead to either recovery or chronic disease. Knowledge is being gained from studies with transgenic mice (mice that carry human genes for HBV). By modifying viral genes and inoculating pregnant women, it may be possible to boost the immune response of babies to HBV. This approach could reduce a large number of chronic carriers and stem the spread of the disease to future generations.

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